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Google’s Front Page

The first wireframe that I tackled was Google’s front page, which is an excellent example of how to stay out of the user’s way.


I made this wireframe using Axure, Inkscape, and Gimp.


Everything, fonts excluded, was made from scratch.


I would be interested in seeing the typical amount of time spent on the front page of Surely it’s under 10 seconds, maybe even under 5. With such a narrow window of interaction, any friction that the user meets is greatly magnified. Because of this, the search bar and buttons are right in the middle of the screen, and all other functionality is both smaller, and off on the edges. This leads to a clean design that is strictly usable and unobtrusive.


This was a great page for me to start with due to its simple interactions. It allowed me to take my time and familiarize myself with Axure and Inkscape, which I hadn’t used before. If I had to make a similar wireframe again, it would be a fairly quick process to get a very close representation of the finished product.



Note: Since this project was meant to be quick, I didn’t go through the extra work to make everything responsive. 16:9 resolutions should work, since that’s what I developed on.

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