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Tracking my IF experiences

I play most games through Steam, so I’ve had an easy time keeping track of what I’ve played. I recently started getting into IF though, which doesn’t have a nice central library. To help myself remember what I’ve played and who made it, I’m going to keep this list up to date.


IF that I’ve played:

  • 80 Days (Inkle)
  • 9:05 (Adam Cadre)
  • Endless, Nameless (Adam Cadre)
  • Lost Pig (Admiral Jota)
  • The Colder Light (Jon Ingold)
  • Lime Ergot (Caleb “Rust Blight” Wilson)
  • Nord and Bert Couldn’t Make Head or Tail of It (Infocom)
  • The Wizard Sniffer (Buster Hudson)
  • Delightful Wallpaper (Andrew Plotkin)
  • Mainland (Vasily Voronkov, Ryan Joseph, Peter Kosyh)
  • Galatea (Emily Short)

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