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Starting on wireframes!

To gain experience with interaction and graphic design tools, I’ve started to make wireframes of popular websites. My first was Google’s front page which is already posted, and I’m currently working on Duolingo’s front page. I’ve been using Inkscape for vector graphics, Gimp for raster graphics, and Axure for designing the actual wireframes.


I’m starting to get a feel for wireframing. A lot of it seems to be asking yourself the question, “Where can I cut corners while maintaining the same feel?” For example, my wireframe of Google was pretty meticulously crafted to be as close as I could get to the original with my limited knowledge (It was my first time using Axure and Inkscape). The end result was a deliverable that I would be happy to show a client, but it seems to be overkill for getting the idea across of what Google’s front page feels like. Using my current knowledge, I could rough out a wireframe in 15 minutes and be able to show it to a client and get feedback.


Duolingo’s front page is coming together a lot faster. It’s much more complicated than Google graphically and interaction-wise, but I’m able to maintain the feel while only drawing rough graphics. I’m aiming to not spend more than 10 minutes on any individual graphic. We’ll see how it comes together!

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